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The liberation of Istanbul from enemy occupation is celebrated on October 6. This being the case, the last British soldier left Istanbul on October 2. So why do we celebrate the British soldier who left on October 2 on October 6? The British, who went with the last battleship Arabic, left on October 2 and went to Dolmabahçe port. Why October 6, not October 2? Very important things happened between these two dates, in these 4 days.

The liberation of Istanbul is actually different from the liberation of our other provinces. It is not like the liberation of Bursa, Bilecik or Izmit. British officers and Turkish officers came together in Tarabya, Istanbul, during the ceremony. A garden party was held in the meadow. Tea and coffee were drank in a pleasant and decent environment, looking at the Bosphorus, and then the British left Istanbul with a ceremony. There was a small Turkish military unit at that time. They saluted the British by firing into the air at Dolmabahçe harbour. British soldiers boarded the ships and left. So how does this become salvation? In other words, salvation, the enemy runs away and chases after him, this is salvation. What's happening here now? Look, the British lost 500 thousand soldiers to cross Çanakkale. Why would they come to Çanakkale? To get Istanbul. Well, they captured Istanbul, they stayed in Istanbul for 5 years, why did they ceremoniously leave Istanbul with the supply parties and never return? They did not do their best not to leave Istanbul. I think we are approaching the crux of the matter.


"Lausanne" , because the Republic of Turkey is a work of Lausanne. If permission had not been given in Lausanne, if our independence had not been recognized in Lausanne, the Republic of Turkey would not have been established. This is why it is often said that Türkiye is the title deed of the Republic. But this is actually not something to be proud of. Because the title deed eventually leads us to a land registry office. Who is the land registry office, who is in the land registry office? Who gave us the title deed of the Republic? Did the British give it to you? Do you mean this? If you say that history should be rewritten in Turkey, that Lausanne is Turkey's title deed, you will also know who the director of the land registry office is. Lord Curzon, Director of the Land Registry Office, is a very important British Foreign Minister. In Lausanne, he managed Lausanne, he is the President. Look, no representative from Turkey has been able to chair any commission. The president of any commission is not Turkish, there is no Turkish, and all commissions were led by French, British and Italian presidents. We were just participants there, we could not speak in our own language and could not negotiate in our own language. One of the results of Lausanne was the establishment of a solid administration, a new administration in Turkey. This decision has been made. One month after the Lausanne Treaty was signed in August 1923, the second Turkish Grand National Assembly approved it. The First Turkish Grand National Assembly extended the ratification. Ali Şükrü Bey was the fiercest advocate and opponent of the parliament that would approve the Lausanne Treaty. It was liquidated, the first Parliament was dissolved, the second parliament only ratified and approved the Lausanne Treaty. The Greek Parliament approved it, but the British, French and Italian parliaments never agreed to ratify it. If we were the ones who imposed it in Lausanne, if the official discourse says so, if we were the ones who slammed our fists on the table and said sign this, why did we approve it first and then pass it through our parliament?


The British, French and Italian Parliaments and other countries did not bring this to their Parliaments. Look, there is no answer to this question. Actually, Lausanne is not such a victory, the dark area inside Lausanne, where discussions are still ongoing. Therefore, as a result, Istanbul was still in British hands when Lausanne was signed. After Lausanne was signed, a protocol was made with the British in September. About how they're going to evacuate this place. Long procedures were discussed regarding this, and at the end of these procedures, it was decided that Istanbul would be evacuated by the 2nd of October. Let me tell you a few items from that protocol.

The protocol states: We will slowly unload our ships on this and that date, and finally our last ships will leave on October 2. Our ship that will leave on October 2 is the battleship Arabic. That's interesting too. Your cavalry units in Ankara will not move towards Istanbul without passing the Dardanelles and giving you instructions by radio after passing the Dardanelles. We won't be able to travel by train from anywhere else, from Bursa, Edirne, we don't have soldiers in Edirne anyway, from Kocaeli, from here or there. We are not asked to go by train. Who does not want? The British don't want it. Cavalry units will depart from Ankara. Cavalry units can only arrive in Istanbul in four days. In our own country, we say that we saved our own city under the imposition of the British. How to save? They leave Çanakkale and give instructions over the radio that it is okay to move. Our troops are moving from Ankara, they will move on October 2, they will enter Istanbul on October 6, there is no enemy when they enter, there has not been a single British soldier in Istanbul for 4 days and the British have already gone to the Mediterranean. So why do we celebrate on October 6? Because Turkish soldiers were only allowed to enter on October 6, Turkish soldiers from other regions were not allowed to enter. Who decides this? British.

Why did the British leave Istanbul? They got what they were owed in Lausanne, the Middle East was left to themselves, France and the British shared the Middle East, and a border was drawn with Turkey. Hatay was not within our borders either. Such a strange border was drawn at that time that we see it now when we slowly move towards the oil regions. Why does the oil produced in the mined area occur exactly where our border is located? They planned all of this and an agreement was reached on what kind of government Turkey would have. The Caliphate will be abolished, the Republic will be established and relations with the West will be good, we will enter the Western world and civilization, the alphabet will change, our language will change and our dress, our law, the law is very important. Of course, this is also very important for non-Muslims and foreigners in Turkey. We will accept Western law, we will take law from Switzerland, we will take criminal law from Italy, we will take maritime law from Germany and we will move to western civilization. These conditions were accepted, and after these conditions were accepted and it was decided that the caliphate would be abolished, why should the British stay here? After all, what they want to do is already guaranteed. Therefore, the presence of the British here will harm them, and the British will be happy because these reforms will take place in Turkey step by step.

And as a matter of fact, in 1936, after the Hagia Sophia was converted into a museum, the King of England would come to Turkey, tour the Hagia Sophia, return to the Hagia Sophia, which had been converted into a museum, after staying one night in Istanbul, and the relations between Turkey and England would be in a spring mood again. This means that when the British left Istanbul, they reached an agreement that would not leave any problems behind. They were happy, and their happiness was crowned with the arrival of the King of England to Turkey.

  • Writer's pictureMurat BARIŞ

Türkiye recognized him as the "Red Billionaire" in the 80s... But he was a staunch leftist!

He founded companies operating in many fields, from real estate to mining, from newspaper ownership to restaurant management. In the 80s, he even received the tender to develop the protection systems of the Turkish Armed Forces' F-16 aircraft!

He is also a staunch NGO supporter... Businessman, activist!

Interestingly, it appears in many critical developments in Turkey's recent history! Türkiye representative of George Soros' Open Society Institute, which plans coups against elected governments around the world. This is how his nickname changed from "Red Billionaire" to "Red Soros" over time.

No one explains exactly why, but Kavala is very, very important for both our opposition parties and the EU-USA. While his trial was ongoing, 10 countries, including the USA, called for his release! It has a solid law not only with Soros and Western countries, but also with the leader of the terrorist organization, Abdullah Öcalan.

The date is February 23, 2013... The place is İmralı Prison... Sırrı Süreyya Önder, in the HDP delegation, talks about Kavala to the terrorist leader and says the following words: President, we talked about everything. There is also the issue of the presidency. The public is very worried about this issue. Osman Kavala sends his greetings to you. They are worried that it will turn into a totalitarian structure!

It's obviously not just Kavala who is worried. The structure-structures that Kavala acts with... Otherwise, why would Önder use the plural suffix by saying "They are worried"?

Kavala said on TV, “PKK is a rational organization. Let's not even get into his statements, which started with "I don't think it's right for the PKK to lay down its arms." It doesn't interest anyone anyway, does it?

So, what do we say about the claim that it was Kavala who made Selahattin Demirtaş say "We will not make you President" in 2013? Who is this Kavala?

More precisely, whose man is he?

And while there is a judicial decision, why should Kavala go out in defiance of this decision?

I ask these questions without any prejudice... If anyone has a logical explanation, please tell me.

The most brutal, most barbaric and cruel massacre of centuries is being carried out in Gaza. Hospitals, patients, doctors and nurses are being bombed. Children in incubators and babies in the womb are being torn to pieces. Schools are being destroyed, students are being killed. Universities, professors, journalists and humanitarians are being burned and destroyed without any discrimination. History, art, culture, religion, city, religious institutions... Everything is being pulverized. Those who save their lives and step aside are left to die without shelter, hunger and water. Surviving orphaned children are kidnapped and dismembered in the corridors dug under the synagogue. A piece of the apocalypse, a scene from hell, is happening in Gaza. Rectors, deans, and faculty members who support their students, at the risk of being fired from their jobs, rebel together with the young people, take to the streets, and shout out the still-undead voice of the apocalypse of conscience. They say that this human-looking madness, murder, genocide, savagery and brutality inflicted on people in Gaza is unacceptable and must be stopped.

Columbia University, Universities of Southern California, University of Texas at Austin, George Washington University, Harvard University, California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt, Emerson College, New York University, Emory University, Northwestern University, Yale University, Fashion Institute of Technology, City College of New York, Indiana University Bloomington, Michigan State University East Lansing Campus, University of Connecticut... Students at all these universities in America have protested and continue to protest the bloodiest, cruelest and cruelest genocide and massacre in human history in Gaza.

Hundreds of students at these universities were beaten by the police, dozens of faculty members were fired, and more than a thousand students and faculty members were detained. Although the New York Post and other Zionist-supported media organs lynched and humiliated this student rebellion as terrorist anger, the apocalypse of conscience carried out by the students with honor continues. On the other hand, protests continue to spread at the University of Sydney in Australia, Canada, France and many other universities.

Okay, where are the universities in Turkey?

While the biggest and bloodiest murders of the human race are being committed on this planet, where is METU, which shouts at every opportunity until it breaks that it is the backbone of revolutions and secularism?

Hacettepe, proud of its scientific knowledge! Science, art, culture and history are being erased from history along with a nation, where are you?

Bosphorus, where are you, raising hell to appoint a rector, guarding the borders of the secular science of the West, preferring the shadows of cathedrals and bells to the sounds rising from the minarets, imprisoning the mummified scientific mentality in the black dungeons in your paralyzed brain? In a continent where your race is being brutally destroyed by the most despicable murderers in history, where are you?

IU, ITU, Yıldız, Language-History, who are sensitive to tuition and registration fees, the abolition of YÖK, food and dormitory needs and many social issues, where are you?

Universities were taken to the districts of Anatolia so that knowledge and science could spread to the remotest corners of Turkey, students could study at home, and they would not be humiliated in big cities; There is an atrocity taking place in Gaza that the words recorded in humanity's literature are helpless to describe. Where are you?

Didn't the virtuous, faithful and resilient cries of the world, rising in waves from the campuses, lecture halls, private teaching institutions and libraries of young minds and sensitive hearts in universities, which are the cradle of protest culture, reach Turkey's universities?

Which ideology can blunt, which ideology can ignore, which ideology can silence the atrocities in Gaza committed against the human race, while you remain silent?

Your brains, which were sensitive to all the intellectual, scientific and social currents coming from America and Europe, were completely paralyzed, your hearts rotted and your blood dried up, and we didn't know about it?

If not today, when will you stand up? Zionist brutality in Gaza is spewing death from the ground and the sky. People are being torn to pieces. The tears of joy of people who found a piece of their spouse, child, father, mother's body and made it into a grave, flooded and reached our tables. People who escaped from the clutches of death are losing their lives to hunger and thirst. Staying so silent, insensitive and indifferent in the face of the brutal destruction of one's own race by the Zionists will not save Turkey's universities from the torment of history, science, humanity, dignity and conscience.

If not today, tomorrow. If it's not here, it's there. But definitely, definitely.

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