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Education and Academic Background

After completing his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration at Anadolu University and his Bachelor's degree in Political Science and International Relations at Istanbul University, he successfully completed the Master's Program in Political Science at Istanbul University and was entitled to receive the title of Political Science Specialist with all honors, powers and responsibilities.

Areas of Research and Expertise

His research and expertise include Public Policies and Decision-Making Processes, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Theory, Social Movements and Political Participation, Political Economy, Political Parties and Party Systems, Political Sociology, National and Regional Politics. He is especially known for his work on Populism and Politics.

Publications and Studies

Among his publications and works, "The Effects of Populism on Politicians, Political Parties, Institutions and Voters", "The Police Station Society", "The Causes of the Cold War", "The Economic, Political and Demographic Structure of Russia in the 19th Century", "Soviet Socialist Republics After Vladimir Lenin" "Authoritarianism in the Union", "Examination of the International Economic Structure Established After the Second World War", " Political Parties and Party Systems", "Justice and Development Party", " Reasons of the First World War" and "Fatih Harbiye Novel Criticism" .

Academic Experience and Professional Affairs

Political Scientist Murat BARIŞ is currently working as the Secretary General of ISTO. He also continues his academic studies in the field of Political Science.

Political Scientist Murat BARIŞ

Education Information

2016 - 2020

Anatolian University

Bachelor of Business Administration

2021 - 2024

Istanbul University

Bachelor of Political Science and International Relations

2021 - 2024

Istanbul University

Master of Political Science

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