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31 March 2024 Local Elections Analysis

Updated: Apr 17

  • AK Party lost approximately 8 million votes compared to the 2019 local elections...

  • CHP won 1 million votes.

  • This means that millions of AK Party voters did not go to the polls even after their votes for other parties were counted.

  • The reaction of retirees, minimum wage earners and low-income earners, who are most affected by the problems in the economy, at the ballot box and their support despite everything should be read correctly by centre-right politics. The cliché that this nation will not vote for CHP is no longer valid. He showed that he could give.

  • The opposition knows that the results of the ballot box are reaction votes rather than its own success, and if it acts accordingly and carries out successful municipal management, it will become assertive in general politics. If he cannot do this, it is inevitable that he will face a result similar to 1994.

  • Despite everything, the most effective and powerful actor in Turkish politics is still President Erdoğan... He is the only political figure who can receive meaningful votes from all constituencies. Erdogan, who increased the vote of his party, which fell to 38% in the 2009 local elections, to 47% in 2011, can achieve this again.


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