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A Flawless Fifth Column Work

Updated: Apr 17

One week after the local elections in Turkey, which resulted in the victory of the opposition...

  • With the strange negligence of the judiciary and the provocation of the separatist party, terrorist organization sympathizers took to the streets in many provinces.

  • The so-called Gaza sensitivity brought together the marginal right, the marginal left and some Islamist groups. A social media-supported provocation was staged against the government using the lie of "trade with Israel".

  • FETO's fugitive scribes attempted to assassinate the reputation of many well-known AK Party members, especially the Minister of Environment and Urbanization Mehmet Özhaseki, who coordinated the work in the earthquake zone, with fake documents.

  • In Sancaktepe, where the municipality changed hands, the lie that former mayor Şeyma Döğücü had a jacuzzi in her office was refuted within 2 hours, but became the most talked about topic on the country's agenda. (An effort to create a perception of corruption and waste)

  • Youth and fan groups were once again separated and manipulated through football in a way that strengthened the perception that "there is no justice in the country."

  • There is no need to further ado... Immediately after the election, Turkey came under the influence of a flawless "Fifth Column" activity, the preparations for which had been completed in advance.

  • They circulate a new perception and lie every day to pit society against each other with social media lies and fake agendas.

  • They want to make the state, which could not be captured through actual intervention (the July 15, 2016 treason), suitable for intervention through propaganda, espionage, sabotage, terrorism and manipulations. One of their most important goals is to prevent the Turkish Armed Forces' operation in Northern Iraq.

  • There can be no other explanation for the fact that political movements and groups, which are not at all similar to each other and whose coming together is contrary to the normal flow of life and politics, put their burden on the government with a complete alliance immediately after the election...

Someone is pressing all the buttons at the same time.

Resist Türkiye...


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