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Universities are in Armageddon for Gaza... What About Us!

The most brutal, most barbaric and cruel massacre of centuries is being carried out in Gaza. Hospitals, patients, doctors and nurses are being bombed. Children in incubators and babies in the womb are being torn to pieces. Schools are being destroyed, students are being killed. Universities, professors, journalists and humanitarians are being burned and destroyed without any discrimination. History, art, culture, religion, city, religious institutions... Everything is being pulverized. Those who save their lives and step aside are left to die without shelter, hunger and water. Surviving orphaned children are kidnapped and dismembered in the corridors dug under the synagogue. A piece of the apocalypse, a scene from hell, is happening in Gaza. Rectors, deans, and faculty members who support their students, at the risk of being fired from their jobs, rebel together with the young people, take to the streets, and shout out the still-undead voice of the apocalypse of conscience. They say that this human-looking madness, murder, genocide, savagery and brutality inflicted on people in Gaza is unacceptable and must be stopped.

Columbia University, Universities of Southern California, University of Texas at Austin, George Washington University, Harvard University, California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt, Emerson College, New York University, Emory University, Northwestern University, Yale University, Fashion Institute of Technology, City College of New York, Indiana University Bloomington, Michigan State University East Lansing Campus, University of Connecticut... Students at all these universities in America have protested and continue to protest the bloodiest, cruelest and cruelest genocide and massacre in human history in Gaza.

Hundreds of students at these universities were beaten by the police, dozens of faculty members were fired, and more than a thousand students and faculty members were detained. Although the New York Post and other Zionist-supported media organs lynched and humiliated this student rebellion as terrorist anger, the apocalypse of conscience carried out by the students with honor continues. On the other hand, protests continue to spread at the University of Sydney in Australia, Canada, France and many other universities.

Okay, where are the universities in Turkey?

While the biggest and bloodiest murders of the human race are being committed on this planet, where is METU, which shouts at every opportunity until it breaks that it is the backbone of revolutions and secularism?

Hacettepe, proud of its scientific knowledge! Science, art, culture and history are being erased from history along with a nation, where are you?

Bosphorus, where are you, raising hell to appoint a rector, guarding the borders of the secular science of the West, preferring the shadows of cathedrals and bells to the sounds rising from the minarets, imprisoning the mummified scientific mentality in the black dungeons in your paralyzed brain? In a continent where your race is being brutally destroyed by the most despicable murderers in history, where are you?

IU, ITU, Yıldız, Language-History, who are sensitive to tuition and registration fees, the abolition of YÖK, food and dormitory needs and many social issues, where are you?

Universities were taken to the districts of Anatolia so that knowledge and science could spread to the remotest corners of Turkey, students could study at home, and they would not be humiliated in big cities; There is an atrocity taking place in Gaza that the words recorded in humanity's literature are helpless to describe. Where are you?

Didn't the virtuous, faithful and resilient cries of the world, rising in waves from the campuses, lecture halls, private teaching institutions and libraries of young minds and sensitive hearts in universities, which are the cradle of protest culture, reach Turkey's universities?

Which ideology can blunt, which ideology can ignore, which ideology can silence the atrocities in Gaza committed against the human race, while you remain silent?

Your brains, which were sensitive to all the intellectual, scientific and social currents coming from America and Europe, were completely paralyzed, your hearts rotted and your blood dried up, and we didn't know about it?

If not today, when will you stand up? Zionist brutality in Gaza is spewing death from the ground and the sky. People are being torn to pieces. The tears of joy of people who found a piece of their spouse, child, father, mother's body and made it into a grave, flooded and reached our tables. People who escaped from the clutches of death are losing their lives to hunger and thirst. Staying so silent, insensitive and indifferent in the face of the brutal destruction of one's own race by the Zionists will not save Turkey's universities from the torment of history, science, humanity, dignity and conscience.

If not today, tomorrow. If it's not here, it's there. But definitely, definitely.

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