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Whose Man is Kavala?

Türkiye recognized him as the "Red Billionaire" in the 80s... But he was a staunch leftist!

He founded companies operating in many fields, from real estate to mining, from newspaper ownership to restaurant management. In the 80s, he even received the tender to develop the protection systems of the Turkish Armed Forces' F-16 aircraft!

He is also a staunch NGO supporter... Businessman, activist!

Interestingly, it appears in many critical developments in Turkey's recent history! Türkiye representative of George Soros' Open Society Institute, which plans coups against elected governments around the world. This is how his nickname changed from "Red Billionaire" to "Red Soros" over time.

No one explains exactly why, but Kavala is very, very important for both our opposition parties and the EU-USA. While his trial was ongoing, 10 countries, including the USA, called for his release! It has a solid law not only with Soros and Western countries, but also with the leader of the terrorist organization, Abdullah Öcalan.

The date is February 23, 2013... The place is İmralı Prison... Sırrı Süreyya Önder, in the HDP delegation, talks about Kavala to the terrorist leader and says the following words: President, we talked about everything. There is also the issue of the presidency. The public is very worried about this issue. Osman Kavala sends his greetings to you. They are worried that it will turn into a totalitarian structure!

It's obviously not just Kavala who is worried. The structure-structures that Kavala acts with... Otherwise, why would Önder use the plural suffix by saying "They are worried"?

Kavala said on TV, “PKK is a rational organization. Let's not even get into his statements, which started with "I don't think it's right for the PKK to lay down its arms." It doesn't interest anyone anyway, does it?

So, what do we say about the claim that it was Kavala who made Selahattin Demirtaş say "We will not make you President" in 2013? Who is this Kavala?

More precisely, whose man is he?

And while there is a judicial decision, why should Kavala go out in defiance of this decision?

I ask these questions without any prejudice... If anyone has a logical explanation, please tell me.

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