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Political Scientist Murat BARIŞ


Political Scientist

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Public Policies and Decision Making Processes: How to make policy and what factors are effective in policy-making processes. To examine the policy outcomes that emerge when analyzing policy-making processes.

Comparative Politics: Trying to understand the similarities and differences by comparing the political systems and institutions of different countries. To examine issues in this field such as democracy, authoritarian regimes, revolutions.

International relations: Examining interstate relations, international organizations, global security and economic cooperation. Researching topics in international relations such as diplomacy, international law, war and peace.

Political Theory: To analyze the nature of the state in the light of political philosophy and history of thought, and the works of classical and contemporary political philosophers through concepts such as rights, freedom, justice and democracy.

Social Movements and Political Participation: Examining the causes, dynamics, and consequences of social movements, protests, elections, and other forms of political participation.

Political Economy: Examining how political processes interact with economic factors and the consequences of state intervention in the economy.

Political Sociology: To examine the role of politics in society and the impact of politics on social structures.

National and Regional Policy: America, South America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Central Europe and Russia To investigate political processes and dynamics.

Populism and Politics: To examine the effects of Populism on Politicians, Political Parties, Institutions and Voters.

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